The Way of Love: The Cher Collection


Jul 22, 2019

Listen to Cher’s answer to the question "where do you go when the world does not appreciate your art?" in Not.Com.mercial

There is a popular saying that life is in phases and men are in sizes. Cher must have definitely seen all the phases that were in existence before she released the album. The pop diva has always had a love for trying new things no matter how bad they sounded. "" was one of the musical experiments by the artist. Although it was written, recorded and rejected by her record label in 1994, the songstress still kept the album for six years and in the year 2000 she finally released the album on the Internet only. The album portrayed a very different and probably unheard version of Cher, little wonder it meant a lot to her as she was bent on releasing it even after its rejection six years earlier, although she ended up releasing it only on the Internet. She didn’t want it to seem as though she was forcing anyone to listen to her track. The album was filled with really personal stories of the musician’s life plus she probably felt insulted by the fact that the label rejected the album when she recorded it initially. She claimed that she had no expectations but in truth she expected the album to fail hence, the name and she also hoped that the album succeeded. On her twenty-second album "Believe", the artist used auto tunes on her tracks and to be honest the adjustment was a bit much. It completely changed the voice of the pop diva. Although the label wanted to take out the auto tunes, she insisted that it was released without any alteration. The label eventually agreed with her and after its release, the sound the label criticized was celebrated worldwide. My point is it was the success that followed after her rebellion that persuaded her to rebel a second time. Sadly, her second rebelled album did not have as much success as her first. According to stats, the album was not a success but I really admire the guts of the star and the fact that this album meant so much to her was the reason I searched it out in the first place.

Jul 17, 2019

The Musical Success Of The Cher (1987) Album Proved That Stats Do Not Really Mean Much As Long As You Have Loyal Fans And Friendly Radio Stations.

No matter how many changes and experiments the artist does on her music, she always returned to her first love “rock” and this album is one of such albums. "Cher" was the second self-titled album by the artist. The name of the first album was changed to Gypsies, tramps and thieves as a means of ensuring that it was successful commercially. After experimenting with a long series of disco and pop tracks, she finally produced a rock themed album and It was as though her fans and quite a number of radio stations had been anticipating her return. The album caused the artist to top the charts once more. As usual, the tracks on the album’s playlist were written by multiple artists. Whenever I think about the fact that the songs were not actually written by the songstress but yet she always made a perfect delivery it always blows my mind away. The playlist included a brand-new version of her song “Bang bang (My baby shot me down)” which made it clear that the artist was obviously not content with the makeup of the earlier version. It is a good thing the artist had producers work with her all through her career because of the things she accepted musically ended not performing well in the musical world. Despite the friendly reception the song enjoyed from her fans and radio stations, the song ended up not doing too well commercially. According to statistics, the album did not get to the top three of any chart but its tracks were just hanging in the balance between #11 and #47.

Jun 28, 2019

Fame; the bane of celebrities who leave it unattended

Being an optimist, I do not subscribe to the widely known adage that everything that goes up must surely come down. Sadly, the adage though most times not true has found its way to have a distinct effect in the life of the music protagonist, Cher. Cher is a renowned musician who worked her ass out to see her music career kick up from cradle to an enviable position up North. But life, not being a bed of roses, pierced her dreams with its thorns as her fame waned and her musical career is obviously seen to be heading for the rock bottom. Though the singer Cher is seen vying for a musical shift that will cause a turn-around from an anti-clockwise direction to a clock-wise direction musically, the effect was nowhere to be found in her newest project. Her just completed album, “Backstage” remains one of Cher’s unusual albums recording a gaping amount of negligence by the diva. Cher’s idea of innovation and music reformation has rather brought about a negative slope in her musical career since the release of her rebound album “Closer to the truth”. Her fan base is gradually dwindling with lots of disappointing comments and negative energy surrounding her world. Most songs off Cher’s “Backstage” album is a conflation discarded rhythms. It is quite clear that this could be the end of the road for the most revered music duo Sonny and Cher as this album bears no imprints of their indigenous work of art thereby leaving the album rather in indigent need of a touch from a classical expert. “Backstage” was recorded by the pop duo as Cher’s fifth album and released by her record label, Imperial Records in July 1968. The album recorded massive failure upon release and remained invisible on the charts.

Jun 28, 2019

This is the one album where the re-engineering that the artist constantly performs finally paid off.

A little above thirty years have passed since the American diva, Cher conquered her fear of crowds and unveiled her awesome musical skills to the world and contrary to the popular notion that her career was going to fall as easily as it arose, she was still doing what she did best. “Believe” is the artist's twenty second album and quite a number of them were successful (some more than others). She dedicated the album to her ex-husband Sonny Bono who had died the same year the album was released. I think it’s nice that despite their divorce they still managed to remain friends. This album in particular was the follow up for a failed album. Rather than giving up, she went back into the studio and cooked up these beats which are quite eccentric. The pop diva followed a new direction musically, she changed her genre from pop to dance pop and her songs featured the use of auto tunes. Her lyrics communicated a different message this time, rather than lamenting about the lows of falling in love, she focused on topics of freedom; freedom of anyone to choose how, when, where and why s/he wanted to live and who they wanted to live that life with. Before the release of the album, her label wanted to take out the auto tunes but thankfully she refused. Eventually, the album was a great success. It was so good it won the Grammy award for “best dance recording” that year. It topped the chart in six countries and was listed among the top ten in several other countries. Based on these two achievements, the use of auto tunes became an accepted practice worldwide. The particular tune she used today is known as the “Cher effect” in the auto tune manual. Despite all the things that she achieved through this album, it really does not sound as good as the statistics say it is. If I was to rate the album, it will be below average. The auto tunes really didn’t work well with her vocals and that made it difficult to hear her words. Although the vibe was strong and thrilling, it really didn’t sound like Cher. It was as though I was listening to an entirely different artist.

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