Todrick Hall


Jun 14, 2019

“Forbidden”: more of a call to all members of the (LGBTQ+) community to stand up for their dreams than it is a regular album.

Todrick Hall a.k.a Toddy is an American singer, producer and YouTube celebrity who just recently revealed his sexuality openly to the world as being gay. His declaration has since brought about mixed feelings and controversies to lots of his fans while a host of others have embraced his new identity. The most excited group of people are the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer (LGBTQ+) community who have given the singer their full support and backing to his music career. Todrick crept his way up the ladder by creating musical videos on YouTube which soon became viral when millions of followers subscribed to his channel to view his videos thereby resulting in unquestionable fame. It is really difficult to understand what an individual is going through until you walk a mile or more in their shoes and the same goes for the gay community. That is probably one of the reasons that the gay community is extremely supportive of each other. They seem to have just one goal which is to be accepted by society without any form of discrimination whatsoever. After Todrick came out of the closet, the only people that supported him were the gay community. It seems in return for their support, he has dedicated his life to making tracks that are focused on helping them to achieve their cause. Although I have not heard the artist make any proclamations that may support this claim of mine, this particular album says otherwise. In a way, he could be seen as the leader of a new and different gay movement. The album consists of songs on very contradictory issues. It challenged the very pillars of what society believes, it even went as far as re-interpreting teachings of the bible. While nobody knows for sure whether his views are right or wrong, the album is really worth a listen. “Forbidden” is the American singer’s third solo studio album which was initiated with the intention of liberating the people who belong to the LGBTQ+ community but are scared to reveal their true identity. Being a singer and a superstar, Toddy understands what it means living as gay in the world today as he has been crucified, criticised and emotionally maimed by family, friends and foes. In the album, Hall tells a story of a beautiful nation Nacirema which is American being spelt backwards. “Forbidden” is fuelled with songs of passion, heartbreak, love, major sex appeal and words of encouragement from the artist stating that everyone could actualize their dreams irrespective of one’s sexuality only if one believes in himself. The album “Forbidden” was released on March 29th 2018 and births with it lots of mystery. Todrick Hall speaks of writing and producing the self-liberating album in thirty days, an impressive accomplishment not recorded by a great number of musicians. The album “Forbidden” goes way beyond just storytelling but is manumission from societal bondage. Todrick appreciates his bosom friend Taylor Swift who was a source of inspiration and encouragement whenever he encountered difficulty in the album making. "The door to Taylor’s house always swung open whenever I made it to the front door with doubts about the completion of the album", Todrick commented. On the day of release, “Forbidden” ranked No. 2 on the iTunes overall albums chart while claiming various top 10 spots on charts worldwide. The album recorded general success and is a display of creativity being showcased in a different realm.

Jun 14, 2019

Black Nativity: A Parasitic Bug To The Human Race

Todrick Hall is a multitalented American singer with the voice of an angel. Hall doubles as a prolific YouTuber known for his high profile video production which amasses lots of followers to his page thrilled by his flawless video production skills. The singer’s accomplishment landed him a personal show on the popular MTV Channel where he bisects the dynamics of video making to the most basic parts for all to understand. The hummingbird gained world recognition after being a contestant and semi-finalist in the famous reality TV series show, American Idol Season Nine. Building on the success of his first album “The Wizard from Oz”, Hall released his sophomore album “Straight Outta Oz” on 23 June 2016 as a spinoff and continuation of the story from his debut album. This is the second studio album written solely by the superstar. The YouTube celebrity featured a good number of artists like Nicole Scherzinger, Perez Hilton, Jordin Sparks, Tamar Braxton and a host of others. The album accounts for the positive trajectory and his quick rise to fame over the short period he hit the spotlight. Hall may not be a household name but he is well known by his online community for his exceptional works and well-simmered music video mash-ups that keep his fans thrilled, in suspense, on edge and gaping all through the video duration. Todrick Hall displays high level of brilliance in the “Straight Outta Oz” album where he takes his audience through and extended narrative on his life’s journey coupled with the way he tackles social justice problems such as homophobia, socialism, low self-esteem and racism as one of the most pressing issues makes him a phenomenal talent, one rare to find these days. Though the album is kind of a retelling of the first album, it does deviate to more personal life experiences that would take lots of strength and courage to tell to the world, a virtue not possessed by all. Hall’s musical flick and video mastery has gathered millions of followers on YouTube which has been a big boost for the album.

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