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Frequently Asked Questions

VIBBIDI is a crowd-sourced database of music that brings together every possible type of music content in one central location on the internet, accessible through any device that has an internet connection. It was built to bring back the rich communities of music-lovers that have been fragmented by social media in the last decade. For info on our purpose, check out our Philosophy page.

“VIBBIDI” is a play on words, expressing the spirit of our goal as a platform. It is an amalgamation of “Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo” from Cinderella & the word “Video”, combining the whimsical nature of discovery from those old fairy-tales with our video-based focus, helping you find new avenues for sonic & visual expression.

You can access most of VIBBIDI’s features with or without having a User Profile, but you’ll get the most out of your experience by making your own Profile. Just Sign Up in the top-right corner of any page & use your User Profile to collect anything you find interesting, displaying your music tastes with pride.

In an effort to cover all possible bases, we’ve set VIBBIDI up to provide the best music experience you could ever want. You can listen to a large database of music, watch music videos, browse Official Artist Pages & their associate Album/Single Pages, view alternate versions of your favourite songs, find lyrics & news, read personal Narratives by other VIBBIDI Users, enjoy curated Album Themes, create Playlists & even Contribute missing content to our database to help every User have the most complete representation of the music you love.

“Narratives” are one of our unique community features, giving you the ability to write your own personal connection to a piece of music so it can be shared with all of our Users. Your Narratives let you speak freely about the topics you enjoy, with the added benefit of being featured prominently on the Official Artist, Album & Single pages of whatever you’re talking about in addition to being promoted on the Home Pages of VIBBIDI! Want to make an analytical breakdown of an Album’s musicality, a retrospective on how the industry was when it came out or a tale of self-reflection inspired by an Artist’s music? These any many more story types are completely acceptable & encouraged on VIBBIDI, so let your voice be heard!

We’re in the process of developing an in-website Narrative Submission tool, so until that day comes all Narratives are currently being accepted through email. If you’d like to receive a Narrative Project Packet, just contact our Narrative Project Lead ‘Cameron’ via & he’ll set you up with everything you’ll need to start writing!

“Themes” are another form of curated content unique to VIBBIDI. They’re essentially a ‘crate’ of specially-selected records (like the type of crates DJs used to use, remember those?), bringing together complementary Albums based around a central ‘theme,’ be it a specific era of music, like-minded contemporaries, the ‘best-of’ records for a certain genre, party-ready mixes, an underground subsect of the music industry or even things as trivial as similar vocal/playing styles. “Themes” provide you with nearly a whole day’s worth of harmonious music, often peppered with obscure groups you may not have heard of, so if you recognize/like one Artist you’re guaranteed to enjoy the rest!

The best way to improve the lives of music-lovers is to share the gift of music wherever possible! If you’d like to Share something on VIBBIDI, simply select the Page you’re interested in – be it an Artist, Album, Single, Narrative, Theme or other page – & Copy the URL from your browser; You can then paste it on any platform you choose, including Texts, Emails & obscure Forum websites. This simple step will allow you to share whatever you’d like, but we’re also hard at work designing direct-share buttons for every Social Media platform in the coming months, giving you a one-button integration solution for whatever platform you prefer.

At VIBBIDI, we’re never completely satisfied with providing the bare-minimum experience to our Users & always want to push the envelope to a better future! While the current site is admittedly simplistic, we plan to increase our content coverage heavily over the coming year, adding such features as Live-Blogging Fan Experiences at Concerts, personally-operated Artist Pages where you can promote your Music/Events/Merchandise, Music Tablature & Tutorials, Video Narratives, VR experiences & much more. We also intend to bring back many of the features from our popular Mobile App like the fan-favourite 24-hour Streaming channel ‘VTV’, customizable Video GIFs, Music-Match Profile scores & of course a fully-functional Messaging system. The future is bright for those with patience!

As a newer web-based platform, we understand the importance of supporting our community & celebrating the hard work everyone does in their own lives, so we’ve given Users the ability to link their Websites, Blogs or Businesses to their User Profiles for some additional promotion! If you want to really take advantage of this you can write a Narrative for VIBBIDI & we’ll feature your site prominently within it to boost your signal, giving you several extra pages to promote yourself on instantaneously for the widest possible reach – See the “How Do I Write A Narrative?” section above for more information.

Now that VIBBIDI has officially launched its new web-platform, we will begin the process of phasing out our original Mobile App by the end of 2019 or early 2020. You can continue using the Mobile App at your leisure until the termination happens, but your activity may not accurately reflect what’s on the Web, so we recommend switching over to the Web sooner than later! We’ve done our best to transfer over all of our User’s Profiles from the App to the Web automatically, but with so much data to sort through mistakes do happen, so your best option would be contacting us directly to ensure your precious music is transferred completely – On the bright side, this gives you access to Narratives, the Contributor function & much more than you could do on the Mobile App!

Whether it’s words of encouragement, complaints about our service, requests for missing Artist Pages, queries about employment or anything else, we welcome any & all feedback our Users have – If you wish to share something with us, simply contact us via email at & we’ll help you as soon as we possibly can!

For the time-being, VIBBIDI isn’t engaging in any sort of paid-sponsorship programs from outside sources as we want to focus on making our database as solid as possible. That said, we accept any & all offers you would like to make & are keeping a record of such partnerships for future reference, all of which can be submitted to us via email at for interested parties.