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Father of Asahd

"DJ Khaled"

Jun 21, 2019

Bundling Is Brought Into Question, But ‘Father of Asahd’ Is Everything I Would Expect From Hustler DJ Khaled

Written by @sir3pu from Wiseloaded Media / 2 mins read

My favorite Artist would have to be DJ Khaled. Why you say? I admire his ability to pick up where Diddy left off – being a marketing music mogul who places himself front and center in the action of promotion, being hype man for some of the best acts in the biz. DJ Khaled’s new album Father of Asahd is absolutely a dream come true for a fan like me – perfectly capturing the urban and Caribbean sounds of the time while packaging one of the dopest party playlists out there. How involved DJ Khaled is in the producing is irrelevant. Instead, think of him as a ringleader for a circus, and you will get the picture! He simply has too many hats to wear to care about anybody dissing him, and in fact, he is even going after Billboard for a dispute, where he believes that he should have been number one on the charts recently instead of Tyler, The Creator (who gave us an experimental funk album IGOR). The whole controversy is actually bringing into question the practice of ‘bundling’, where album sales/streams are helped by package deals, and both Artists bundled their product with merchandise and promotional shout outs from other sites. What a complicated web the music business has become, yet I love the hustler mentality – and feel this when I hear Father of Asahd.